sábado, 26 de maio de 2012

VIDEO: Breast Cancer Survivor Has Reconstructive story Surgery

I did it also, if there was no hope for me, probably the doctor's won't do it.
I did it at Lisbon, Portugal, and the recovery is still being done.
At first i did completely mastectotomy with extraction from the linphatic ganglionar complex from the axilar on the right side, then one year after, the reconstruction, and now the recovery.
It was one year wich was spent painting and sketching, dedicated to old people from the place where i'm from, as a volunteer, in January from 2012, i did my first exhibition from my work of a lifetime, sketches and paintings, a way of not thinking about leaving life.
A life spent, truly thrown away, studying biology, Human Ecology and the only thing that make it true and that give me streght are other people, my companion nowadays, that I met after the first cirurgy and being occupied, painting, or writting poetry, in Portuguese, because I simply don't dare to do it in English, perhaps someday, I was 39 when Breast cancer was diagnosticated, now I'm 40 and a life ahead...

Elsa Pereira


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